Who We Are:

We are two childhood friends that both went to college in Los Angeles. We have had a few projects over the past few years. all of which led us to, PAWTY Dog Toys.

Jeff is a long-term animal lover. Since youth, one of his dreams was to open an animal breeding facility. Over the years, that dream has changed to open an animal foundation to curb animal abuse.

Derek is also an animal rights advocate. Originally trained as an architect, Derek discovered his new passion of designing dog toys and bringing them to life. Nothing brings more joy to Derek than seeing dogs fall in love with PAWTY products.

Why We Started PAWTY

PAWTY Dog Toys was founded in October 2021, in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. Seeing a lack of high quality uniquely-designed dog toys, we took matters into our own hands. We started PAWTY to provide other dog owners with only the best quality toys that we would let our own dogs play with.

It is now PAWTY Dog Toy's mission to give back to the dog community in whatever way possible, one paw at a time.